3 Things To Consider With UK Land & Investment Property

It is no secret that there is a great housing shortage in much of the United Kingdom. Given the current real estate market many savvy investors have taken to UK brownfields as a means of generating an attractive return on a short-term investment. Below are three things to consider when thinking about investing in UK land and residential developments.

There are several important things to make note of when considering investing in land in the United Kingdom. The first thing to note is the exchange rate between various currencies. Currently, UK natives are in a much better position to purchase tracts of land than foreigners, given the exchange rates. This means that if you are a UK native looking for investment opportunities, land and real estate could be a great option for you!

Read on to learn more about important considerations prior to investing in UK brownfields.

The second thing to consider is whether the proper permissions are in place or can be secured for the land in consideration. Again, investors will see the highest return on land that is developed for residential use. This means securing residential planning permission is a critical component of a successful land investment in the United Kingdom. Once the proper planning permissions are in place, you are ready to develop the land for residential purposes. This could be single-family homes, large apartment complexes, or any other combination of housing styles.

The third item for consideration is the makeup of the investor group. With expenses for land and development often being quite high, it is not unusual for investors to come together to form small investment groups and tackle an investment property together. These groupings of investors mean there is more money available for the land’s purchase and development, but it also means that any profits will be shared amongst the group. For example, if a group of four investors come together with everyone contributing an equal amount of money to the project, each investor will receive twenty five percent of the profits upon the sale of the land. If one investor brings forward a large sum of money and contributes to fifty percent of the overall fund, that investor will earn fifty percent of any profits upon the sale.

For the right investor, purchasing and developing land in the United Kingdom is a great short-term investment opportunity. The demand for housing is high, and is unlikely to lessen in the coming years. Many investors are involved in numerous projects, ensuring that they almost always have land under development and nearing completion. The profits from one sale then serve as the funds used to purchase and develop a new and different tract of land. This process can be highly lucrative when managed properly.

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