An Opportunity To Invest Into Redeveloped Land In The UK

Right now, the UK is in dire need of new homes as the number of homes is no longer enough for the teeming population of the county. To reverse the trend, more than 3 million homes have to be built by 2030. Hence, UK government has ordered the redevelopment of brownfield sites all over the country.

In fact, a team of highly experienced experts with a proven track record of developing world class homes and other structures have been given the contract to carry out the project. However, this team requires large funds to execute such a massive the project. This is why the team has thrown investment opportunities open to investors from all over the world. Both local and foreign investors are invited. It does not matter whether you are resident in the UK or not, if you are interested, you are qualified to invest.

You will be one of the owners of the investment. All the other works will be handled by the appointed team. Your bit is just to invest and get your returns. It is as easy as that. Considering how homes are badly needed in the UK, it is not likely for any planning to be rejected. So, this is a riskless investment for you.

To even make the investment opportunity more attractive to investors, government has ordered that the profit on this investment should be completely tax free. Think of it. How many of your investments all over the world are tax free?

The team in charge of the project forecasts a return of about 20 to 25 percent per annum. Imagine, having to make a tax free 25 percent return on your investments. For every 100,000 pounds, you will earn 25,000 pounds without doing anything. The best part is that you get to keep the whole profit since it is tax free.

The circumstances surrounding this project put the odds in your favor. They make it less risky but more profitable for you. It is a common business rule that higher yield investments are usually fraught with higher risks. Here is a situation that negates the rule. It is a higher yield investment with lower risk.

Would you rather leave your funds in your bank account and let it waste away? The interest on bank deposits is virtually zero right now. With this investment opportunity on ground, you are losing 25 percent returns on the money in your bank account.

The investment offers:

• Low risk

• High tax free returns

• Transparency

• Quick returns

This is a rare money making opportunity. The earlier you act the better. Be a joint owner of some UK properties and earn returns on them for the rest of your life. What else are you waiting for? Why not cash in big time and make a fortune? For more information contact Highgrove Consulting.

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