High Return UK Land Investment

03 Nov 2019 - by highgrove

High Return UK Land Investment

There is a new and much faster way to make a high return in UK land investment. This new opportunity is called UK Brownfield. The following shows the advantages of the UK Brownfield investment scheme over other real estate investment schemes.


The opportunity has been brought about by several factors.


  • Brexit has had a major impact.

  • The Pound Sterling has shown a major decline in value versus other currencies in the last several years.

  • Extremely low bank deposit rates across the world. There is no profit here.

  • The United Kingdom has acknowledged that it has an acute shortage of affordable housing. Supply has not kept pace with demand.

The government of the United Kingdom made changes in the Housing Bill that has made the development and sale of real estate in Brownfield and greater density projects in inner city landscapes easier and less complicated.


The target market has become attractive to institutional investors and particularly those that are tied to pension funding. This raises the value through competition.


There is a problem for the individual investor.


Buying, improving, owning, letting, and selling real estate in the United Kingdom can still be a loss-making proposition. This is one of the major reasons why there are so few new building projects.


A person may pay upwards of £20,000 in legal fees, taxes, government fees, furnishing costs, and tenant sourcing fees just to buy one property. The owner must pay fees to find new tenants, maintenance fees, gas boiler certificate fees, PET testing fees, and the costs of upkeep. The owner must also pay capital gains tax, council tax if the property is vacant, cover damage caused by tenants, pay legal costs if tenants refuse to pay, and pay for insurance in case the property is damaged by weather.


The return from ownership cannot compare with a 25 percent return per year on investment that UK Brownfield investment provides.


The high return on investment is due to the nature of the real estate scheme.


The investor owns a part of a UK limited company. The investor does not own the property out right. This minimizes the risk of loss.


The properties to be invested in are targeted by a team of experts. The experts include agents familiar with local surveying, architectural, and governmental practice. The local expertise and knowledge make each step of the buying and selling process faster.


Changes in government regulations have made local governments eager to assist in the process.


The proceeds of the sale are distributed to the investors based on the amount that each individual invested initially.


Each individual can continue or take what they made.


The political climate in the UK and Europe, global economics, and the population growth in the United Kingdom have conspired to create the most profitable real estate investment opportunity in decades.


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