Boutique UK Property Investment Opportunities

The majority of property investors in the United Kingdom are familiar with boutique property investment opportunities. A boutique firm can come in two varieties.

One form specializes in a particular type of home or real estate. This type of real estate is usually up market and has a high cost or rental price. The other form is an investment fund real estate venture. The company offers investors shares in a small variety of high end funds that are based on highly capitalized homes or commercial structures.

Boutique forms can do very well when the market is up but they may suffer extreme losses when market conditions plummet like they have recently.

A new type of property investment opportunity has evolved in the United Kingdom. It is similar to a boutique property investment but has a much lower level of risk.

The basis of this new boutique property investment opportunity is the Brownfield. A Brownfield property is a disused or abandoned area in a city or inner city. The buildings may have been an apartment, a factory, or a shopping center. Time and movement of population have left these properties vacant.

The advantages are:

Full government support

The Government of the United Kingdom has backed this development for the last 10 years. The support includes funding for infrastructure, funds for education of local residents, and funding for development of cultural activities. The aim is to repopulate the inner city and provide affordable homes.

The lengthy ordeal that property transfer once was in the United Kingdom was eliminated in February 2017. This change makes an environment that is ideal for a rapid return on investment in Brownfield properties. Local authorities have incentives to make the process as easy as possible. The incentive is a new tax base.

Based on fact

The housing shortage in the United Kingdom is a well-known fact. The majority of people cannot afford the new homes that are being built. The government program offers an affordable alternative.

Rapid targeting

The Brownfield property that has the best potential for rapid turnover is targeted by local experts in real estate, survey work, architectural design, and other special fields pertinent to a given structure. Local relationships speed the process along.

No ownership

Investors do not own the property. The lack of ownership avoids taxes. It also avoids paying management fees and maintenance fees. The investor does not pay anyone to find tenants or seek payment from tenants.

High return

Brownfield property investments return 25 percent per year. No bank or money market can come near this rate of return on investment.

Hands off approach

A holding company handles all of the work. The investors supply the funds. The profits are shared out to the investors based on the amount that the individual investors put into the fund.

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