Brownfield Investment Opportunity For Private Investors

There is Brownfield investment opportunity in the UK available for private investors. You are qualified to invest in it even if you don’t reside in the UK. To curb the shortage of homes in the UK, Brownfield sites are being repurposed for homebuilding. The company in charge of the project needs as much funds as possible. This is where you come in.

Planning permission is what gives Brownfield sites their real value. So, these sites are sourced and planning permission is secured for them. Once that is done, developers will buy off the sites at a very profitable rate. They know how much they will make on the homes they intend to build on them. So, it is a straightforward business.

To attract foreign investors and investors that do not reside in the UK, their profit on this investment will be tax free. So whatever you make on this investment is for you to keep. The high tax rate in the UK is a real investment issue but that will not affect this very investment.

To solve the problem on ground, about 3 million new homes have to be built by 2030 otherwise there will be a big accommodation crisis in the UK. This is why government is in full support of this homebuilding project. This has made planning easier and much faster to get. Virtually all planning are approved at a much faster rate.

This is an investment that can yield between 20 to 25 percent tax free profit. It is as easy as that. After investing, you are not required to do any other thing. Just sit down and expect your return. It can take a few months or more but it does not take up to 2 years for investors to get their full return and capital. Investors can testify to this.

If your currency has a higher value than pound sterling you can use it to your advantage as it lowers your entry cost. The project is being managed with so much transparency by an experienced team of experts that have been handling Brownfield investments for years. So the success of the business is guaranteed.

Another reason you should consider this investment is its being riskless. The risk involved is very low. There are so many Brownfield sites across the UK and government is ready to give planning permission to them as long they are going to be used for homes.

At the other end, developers are waiting to buy off the land. They are ready to cash in on the home shortage to make a fortune. The project will continue until about 3 million homes are built. Right now the demand for homes is much more than the supply. So what are you waiting for? This will probably be the best investment opportunity you will come across in a long time. You can contact Highgrove Consulting for more information.

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