Another example of how developing brownfield sites can benefit local towns and cities in the UK, Watford Borough council will now have a ‘brownfield register by the end of 2017 as this excerpt from the Watford Observer shows:

Watford Borough Council has decided to review it’s local plan housing needs after the discovery that they amount of new homes required to be built by 2018 (established in 2013’s 5 year plan) has more than doubled from the 260 homes per year then to a revised requirement of 577 homes per year.

The council stated that the Town’s growth was “inevitable” but commented ‘We will control and plan for it so that it takes place where we want it to, not just where developers and private investors see fit’

The council has decided it will need to have a ‘Brownfield register’ online by the end of 2017 and has already begun a consultation process to consider 20 brownfield sites put forward for consideration.

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