Choosing Among UK’s Direct Investment Companies For Brownfield Sites

Although there are many direct investment companies for Brownfield sites in the UK, their terms of services vary widely. Investing in Brownfield sites is a huge investment and you need to take your time to select a good direct investment company. The company in which you make your investment plays a big role in the success of your investment.

Here are the requirements to consider in your choice of direct investment company.

Compare terms

This means you should contact at least four direct investment companies for Brownfield site before making a choice. It is important that you compare terms of service. You can only make the best choice after reasonable comparisons. Every direct investment company will sound impressive but don’t get tempted to invest in them until you find out what others have to offer. You never can tell, there may be higher return for your investment out there.

You need to compare the rate of return and how soon you will get your return. Most importantly, if you are not resident in the UK, you need to confirm if your profit will be taxed or not. There is nothing wrong with your profit being taxed but what if there is direct investment company that can guarantee a tax free profit on your investment?


You are better off with a company that is experienced in handling Brownfield sites. Choose a company that has been doing the business successfully and has been returning investors’ money. One thing is clear. Experience comes with a lot of expertise. So, you are likely to get a better result with an experienced team.

Availability of case studies

Every successful direct investment company should have several verifiable case studies. They should give you a list of several Brownfield sites that they have handled successful and they should even include the rate of return on each of them. This will help you make your decision.

Higher ROI

The major purpose of investment is to make profit. It is better to choose a company that guarantees the highest rate of return. Investment in Brownfield sites should give you a return of about 20 to 25 percent per annum. Turn down the offer of any company that offers less.

Lower risk

It is important you also talk about the risk involved. An experienced company should be able to allay your fears on risk. The truth is that there is little or no risk involved in Brownfield site investment right now. There is need to build more homes in the UK to curb the problem of acute shortage of homes. So, planning is being approved at even a faster rate now.

Besides, a lot of home builders have lined up to buy off the sites on arrival of their planning permission. Finally, thousands of ready occupants are available. So a good investment company should be able to assure you of how riskless the investment is. For more information contact Highgrove Consulting.

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