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Property Summary

Various Locations within the UK

8% Per Annum with a Exit Bonus of 16% making a total return of 40%

3 Year Investment Term

Various Locations within the UK

Property Details

Here the Investment manager works closely with UK charities & housing associations by providing to them, a portfolio of low-cost social housing. These institutions agree to rent the housing stock held in the portfolio, typically for a 20 year period. 
Intern, the UK government pays the rents for these properties, to house those that cannot afford, or, due to other circumstances are reliant on this sector of the housing market. (The homeless, recent prison released, those seeking refuge against domestic violence those seeking asylum in the UK. etc.) 
Due to the government secured rental income and the length of the lease contract, these property portfolios are sought by UK property and income funds for the attractive yield they produce to investors.

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