Investment Details

Property Summary

London Crossrail 2 route

10% per annum

Fixed 36 months term

London Crossrail 2 route

Property Details

10% per annum fixed 3 year investment term issued through an asset backed corporate loan note structure.
This central London based developers’ board of directors looks like the who’s who in development, they demonstrate huge success in developments in the London Cross Rail area and is now raising capital to further exploit opportunity in London Cross rail 2 routes.

Interest is payable at 10% per annum with a fixed investment term of 3 years.

Payment options are available as annual payments or rolled up to pay 33.31% at the end of the 3 year term, plus 100% of invested capital paid is back to you.

Working example of interest paid based on an investment amount of £50,000

Amount Invested:   Interest Rate   Paid on each anniversary   Total paid after 3 years
          £50,000    x      10%                   £5000                                           £15,000

100% of your capital is paid back to you after 3 years.

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