Here Is An Opportunity To Make Money From UK Land Planning

This is the best time to make a fortune from UK land planning. What really gives any piece of land its value is planning permission. Any piece of land without a planning permission can only fetch you about 6 percent interest at most. Besides, it may take years to even find a buyer. Once you get a planning permission for the land the value shoots up drastically and you could make a profit of about 20 percent or more.

Now, with the current shortage of homes that UK is facing, any piece of land with residential planning is nothing but a goldmine waiting to be tapped. The return on it becomes even more than 20 percent and developers will swoop on it immediately.

There are many Brownfield sites with no residential planning yet. Your investment is required to get the required planning and turn the sites into goldmines. They will be sold and the returns on them will be shared among investors.

You can take advantage of this money making opportunity now to make a fortune as you may not come across such offers again. This could be the investment that will take you from the league of millionaires to the league of billionaires. Residential planning is real gold in UK real estate. That is why it used to be very difficult to get. Now, there is shortage of homes in the UK and government is desperately looking for homes to be built. In fact, more than 3 million homes need to be built by 2030 to balance home-resident equation in the UK.

UK government is practically begging investors to contribute to the homebuilding projects in the UK. There is a team of Brownfield site experts that is in charge of the project. They already have several Brownfield sites and they are still looking for more. They need your investment to be able to get residential planning for the sites.

Once that is done, developers will buy them off at a very profitable price and the profit is shared. You will get your share of the profit and you will also get your capital. All you just need to do is to invest. The whole process will be managed by the experienced team.

To underscore the fact that UK is literarily begging investors to contribute, non-resident investors’ profit on this project will be tax free. So, if you are not resident in the UK, you can also invest. Your whole profit is entirely yours.

According to the team in charge, every investor should expect about 20 to 25 percent ROI and they will get it in a little more than a year (worst case scenario). As an icing on the cake, this investment has little or no risk. For more information contact Highgrove Consulting

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