Reasons To Consider UK Inner City Land Investing

This is the best time to invest massively in UK inner city brownfield sites as there are several opportunities right now. If you have ever dreamt of investing in a high-return property business, there is no better time than now. Here are some reasons you should consider these investments

There is great shortage of homes the UK right now so homes are in high demand. In fact, about 3 million homes should be developed in the UK by 2030 to avoid housing crisis. Although the returns on properties are not so high because payments have to be spread over a long time, the UK brownfield opportunities are an exception to the rule. This is due to the current demand for homes.

UK government now fully supports development of all Brownfield sites and it also supports building of housing that have room for higher density on Inner-city sites. UK government also encourages Private Rental Sector to build and rent out the structures. Brownfield sites cannot be lying fallow when there is great accommodation shortage in the United Kingdom.

What really makes these opportunities very attractive is the fact that you don’t have to wait for collection of rents or sale of units before you get a good return on your investments. To ensure you good returns, all the sites are handled by an experienced team with a proven track record. So you know you are getting nothing but the best.

In this situation, you are not investing into any fund or any derivative. You will enjoy direct ownership of your assets and you have absolute control over them. Imagine getting over 25 percent of your capital per annum. Isn’t that remarkable?

You don’t even have to be a UK resident to invest as profits are tax free to non UK residents since it will be categorized as “disregarded income” by HMRC. All local councils now encourage and support all forms of home building projects. This makes it difficult for planning to be rejected and it also makes it easier for appeal to be won. Investment in housing in the UK has never been so attractive.

Some other reasons this could be your best investment option are low interest rates on bank deposits and low value of pound sterling. Bank deposit is not the best investment option right now as the interest on bank deposits is all-time low. In fact, bank deposits cannot be regarded as an investment right now.

The value of the pound sterling is relatively lower than some foreign currencies so this gives a lower cost of entry to international investors. It is better and smarter to invest your money where high returns are not only guaranteed, they will be generated within a relatively shorter time line. For more information contact Highgrove Consulting today.

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