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Finding an idea for business expansion and development is one of the major challenges that confront investors. Investors love business. They want to spend their money to grow their various businesses, but they want to be sure that their money will not go down the drain but will bring back substantial returns. Business ideas are gold, that’s why consultants are paid so much money.

There are so many business opportunities for investment in the UK, but one opportunity that is safe, secure and guarantees high returns is investing in UK titled lands. Investment in UK lands is one of the safest and surest ways doing business.

There are two types of lands that can be purchased for investment; Greenfield and Brownfield lands. Greenfield are natural untouched lands while Brownfield are lands that have been previously occupied by structures but has since been abandoned. The lack of green spaces for development has forced developers to consider developing Brownfield land. Brownfield lands are often thought to be more expensive to develop as developers would have to demolish old structures to make room for new ones or will have to decontaminate the land if it had previously been contaminated by hazardous chemicals such as heavy metals. In some cases, the cost of demolishing old structures and cleaning up a contaminated site is more than the value of the structure that would be erected on the land. This tends to discourage development.

But the UK government have instituted a lot of reforms that have made Brownfield lands more attractive and profitable. Institutional investors are now willing and waiting to invest in Brownfield sites.

The lucrative nature of Brownfield lands has created an upsurge in scams relating to Brownfield lands. Several individuals, investors, and companies have been swindled of their hard-earned income by fraudsters who wish to take advantage of the boom in the market. So it is absolutely important and pertinent to invest wisely in Brownfield lands.

There are several Brownfield land consulting agencies in the UK, but not every one of them has the capacity and expertise to deliver excellent service and guide clients to preferred Brownfield locations. Highgrove consulting, however, is the best firm to invest in while purchasing Brownfield sites. When partnering with Highgrove, you are assured of working with a team of specialist with a proven record of successful acquisition of planning permissions on select Brownfield sites. Planning permissions are known to improve the value of lands, and no other agency has a track record comparable to that of Highgrove.

The experts at Highgrove consulting boost of many years of experience in property investing, development, student accommodation sector etc. The team employs this knowledge and experience in the selection of prime UK land sites which has the capacity for huge gains. These sites are often “off market”, before being placed on the open market for sale. Highgrove knows where to look to find these sites.

Once a suitable site is found, Highgrove consulting undertake high-level due diligence and form partnership with architectural firms and other related firms to ensure that maximum returns are realized from the land.

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