Highgrove Consulting: UK Brownfield Sites Experts

When it comes to sourcing and managing brownfield sites, Highgrove Consulting is one of the best and the most experienced in the UK. They have a proven track record of excellence. Some of the ways in which Highgrove Consulting distinguishes itself have been outlined right below.

They are experienced

The real profit on UK land comes with its planning permission. Planning permission can shoot up the profit on a site from about 6 percent to about 35 percent. This is where Highgrove’s experience and expertise make the difference. They have been sourcing for fantastic brownfield sites for years and they work with a partner that does a great job in securing planning permission. This is why they have always been successful in their projects.

By virtue of their experience, this team already understands the kind of brownfield sites that can get planning permission easily so they don’t go after just any brownfield site. If the company goes after any site, it means the site has potentials to yield returns and it can also get planning permissions easily.

High returns

The company has a record of delivering high returns to their investors. They have done it several times and they can always do it. There are several case studies to back up this claim. In September 2015, a disused land that was previously used by nursing home was purchased. It is located in Purley, Surrey.

Planning permission was given to use the land for a range of 2/3 bedroom apartments. It was sold to a developer in January 2017, after about 16 months, at an investor profit of 36 percent. This is just one case out of many. Their profit standard is from 20 percent an above.


The team does not only get planning permission for residential buildings, they have been getting planning permission for students accommodation structure, private rental sector, retail stores, office buildings, combination of both commercial and residential buildings on the same site, parks for leisure and residential care homes.

However, getting planning permission for residential buildings is preferred because there is shortage of homes in the UK right now and planning permission for homes usually generates the highest ROI.

Transparency and integrity

Highgrove Consulting has been able to build a reputation of integrity and transparency to its clients. For any project, they carry the investors along on every step. And when it comes to profit declaration, they declare the exact profit.

It is one thing to declare profit and it is another to pay investors. Highgrove Consulting never delays payment. Once the land is sold they declare the profit and share it to their investments within 24 hours. Imagine what you stand to gain when you partner with them to develop homes in the UK.

For more information on the available investment opportunities, you can contact them.

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