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Investing in UK titled lands is one of the safest and most secure ways of investing. It offers huge capital gains and guarantees financial security. There are two types of lands available in the UK for investment; Greenfield and Brownfield lands. Greenfield refers to virgin lands that have not been used for any form of development. It is so-called based on the idea that before construction of any structure, the land may have actually been a green field, filled with foliage.

Brownfield, on the other hand, refers to lands on which a structure already stands. The term describes the fact that the land may have already been contaminated by prior activities that have happened on it. However, lands that have been severely contaminated by hazardous waste, e.g. nuclear waste, are not considered to be Brownfield.

Brownfield investing refers to the purchase or lease of existing production or business facility by governmental agencies or companies with the aim of starting new facilities or production activities. Brownfield investing does not require the construction of new production facilities. Brownfield investing is usually cost saving, as the structure needed by the investing business already stands. It also allows faster occupancy, as it skips certain steps that would have been needed for the construction of new facilities from scratch.

Brownfield investment is very important particularly when considering foreign-direct investment, as foreign companies prefer to lease or purchase Brownfield that is no longer in use or are not running at full capacity. It serves a greater advantage when the new use is similar to the old use of the site.

A company that helps businesses and investors facilitate investment on UK Brownfield sites are called UK Brownfield Investment Companies. Brownfield investment companies are agencies specialized in finding veritable Brownfield sites for their clients.

There are many Brownfield investment companies in the UK, but the most unique of these companies is Highgrove consulting. Highgrove consulting is UK foremost Brownfield consulting company that offers top class services in the area of Brownfield investment. They boast of a proven team that helps deliver quality Brownfield sites to their clients.

Highgrove consulting assist clients in the successful acquisition of planning permission for Brownfield lands. They assist clients to hold and own the land purchased using a special purpose vehicle that is branded a UK Limited Company. Highgrove then goes ahead to allocate shares in the company to each investor based on their cut of the total. During the planning application, regular updates are provided to the clients. Highgrove also provides a neat exit strategy for their clients. They help to find buyers for these sites which are sometimes sold “subject to planning”.

Highgrove does not involve in land speculation, rather they carefully select available lands that are very likely going to get planning permission. Planning permission adds significant value to purchased lands.

To know more about Highgrove Consulting and how you can employ their services for Brownfield investment, visit highgroveconsulting.com or send an email to info@highgroveconsulting.com

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