Invest Into UK Student Accommodation Redevelopment Projects

Education has become a more complex issue in the last decade in the United Kingdom. Many developing countries see the universities of the U. K as a path to better income and life. Student populations from the U. K. and from abroad have risen consistently in the last decade and are expected to increase by a minimum of two percent for the foreseeable future.

The universities of the U. K. are facing a housing shortage just like the United Kingdom is. The Student Accommodation Redevelopment Projects are various private and government supported ways to find adequate and affordable living space for the growing student population. Universities are not capable of funding free housing despite rising costs of tuition.

The demand for affordability is not all that students need. They need a connected life. Modern education requires internet and Wi-Fi connectivity. These are a part of life to most students as well.

One of the most cost efficient and time efficient methods of meeting the demand of students, government, and universities is the repurposing of Brownfield sites in the inner cities of cities where major universities exist. The Brownfield sites may be apartments that need refurbishing or they may be former structures that can rapidly be recreated into safe and comfortable apartments for students.

The idea may sound like a charity project but it is in fact one of the most lucrative investments in the U. K. today. Brownfield UK Student Accommodation Redevelopment Projects can produce an annual return of 25 percent. No bank can produce that kind of return. The Pound Sterling’s steady drop against other currencies shows no sign of any upward movement.

The thing that makes Brownfield investment pay off rapidly is the full support of local governments and the national government in the development of Brownfield and inner city sites. The funding for infrastructure has been made available. The endless paperwork to transfer property between owners has now become possible in a few days. All governments benefit.

The reason that the investors can reap such a large return is that they do not ever own a property. Property ownership in the United Kingdom has become a money losing proposition. The investor group does not pay any tax on the property or any of the usual maintenance fees. There is no issue about finding tenants or collecting rent.

The rapid return on an investment is often assured because the holding company that does all the business for the investor tries to find a final buyer for the Brownfield UK Student Accommodation Redevelopment Projects before they make a purchase. Recent sales of finished student housing structures have been in the range of £200,000 to £700,000.

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