Investment In Brownfield Sites Are Capital Gain Investments

Investments in Brownfield sites are capital gain investments. With your financial contribution, a well experienced team of experts will source good Brownfield sites and get planning permission on the site. It is the planning permission that will greatly boost the value of the land. In fact, it can multiply the value of the land by 6.

The land is then sold to developers and your share of the profit and your initial capital is sent to you. It is as simple as that. Here is a bullet list of the process

• Look for great Brownfield sites

• Get planning permission for them

• Sell them off with great profit

• Return investor’s capital and profit

The process is straightforward, isn’t it? The more sites they are able to purchase, the more their profits.

What if there are no good Brownfield sites?

On the contrary, there are great Brownfield sites already sourced. Besides, there are millions of Brownfield sites all over the UK.

What if planning is rejected?

The team handling this project works with a partner that has always been successful in securing planning permission for several years. Second, they don’t just go after any Brownfield site. They go after sites that can get planning permission easily. The third reason the planning cannot be rejected is that there is acute home shortage in the UK. About 3 million new homes need to be built before 2030. So, it is difficult for home planning to be rejected at this time. Needless to say all the Brownfield sites will be used for home building.

How soon will the sites be bought after getting planning permission for them?

There are developers waiting to cash in on the shortage of homes to make a killing. So, the sites will easily be sold out once their planning permission is ready. Besides, many developers have already indicated interest in the sites. They are just waiting for planning permission. You should get your capital and return in less than two years.

How much return should investors expect?

For this investment, investors should expect between 20 and 25 percent. Non-residents can also invest in this project as their profit will be tax free. In other words, 20 percent ROI is their take-home profit. That is one of the ways in which UK government supports and encourages home building.

What are the risks involved?

There is virtually no risk involved. There is a dire need for homes in the UK so there is waiting demand for the homes that will be built on sourced Brownfield land. The project is being managed by a team of experts with the support of UK government. The acute shortage of homes in the UK will make it almost impossible for any application for planning permission to be rejected.

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