Making Money From Alternative UK Land Investment

Here comes a rare opportunity for investors to make money from alternative UK land investment. A lot of land is needed for homebuilding to be able to solve the shortage of homes problem in the UK. Over 3 million homes will be built before 2030 and there is need to find enough sites for the project.

A lot of Brownfield sites are being repurposed for homebuilding. Brownfield sites will be sourced continuously and planning permission will be secured for them after which they will be sold to developers at a higher rate. However, the company in charge of the project needs more funds to be able to source more Brownfield sites and also get planning permission for them.

This is why your investment is required. The more the funds available the more sites they can source and the more the profit they can share among their investors. This is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to make a fortune with little or no risk.

The fact that more homes have to be built to solve the accommodation problem in the UK makes it less likely for any planning to be rejected. This is also the same reason planning for homes are much more valuable than planning for other structures.

Even a foreign investor can invest in this project since all investors that do not reside in the UK will earn a tax free profit on this project. This government’s policy is to support homebuilding and also attract foreign investors to the project.

While most investments with high yield are usually fraught with high risk, this investment offers high yield but little or no risk. According to the team of experts in charge of the project, you can earn up to 25 percent per annum on the investment and also remember that your profit is also tax free. Not many investments can give you this kind of ROI.

The worst kind of investment is to leave your money in the bank when this opportunity is still available. What you will get on your money from banks is next to nothing. Why would you leave your money in the bank to lie fallow when you can put it to good use in this project and earn impressive return in less than 2 years?

The company that is managing this project is highly experienced with a proven track record of consistent success. So, your chances of making money off this investment are almost a hundred percent. What else are you skeptical about? Your profit will be tax free and it is guaranteed to come within a short time frame. Most importantly, there is no risk involved.

If you are an international investor and your currency has a higher value than the British pound sterling, you have an advantage of lower cost of entry into this investment. So what are you waiting for? For more information contact Highgrove Consulting

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