Life Company portfolio bonds, often referred to as ‘wrappers’ or Personal Portfolio Bonds (PPB’s) are extremely popular among expat investors and have been around for many years – and that is part of the problem! They have remained unchanged for those years and hence suffer from poor performance, low returns (often negative returns) and high charges. Today there are many other platforms and methods of investing which are more profitable and more cost effective than PPB’s, and the one ace up the sleeve of the bond, which was tax treatment has also been eroded over the years by various governments making them less tax efficient. than before, especially for expats returning home.
Charges can be high – up to 9% in some cases, access to cash in the early years can attract penalties, and management of the assets needs to be carefully monitored. Using a PPB to buy ordinary listed stock for example is very costly and much slower compared to using any of the readily available online platforms.

Because PPB’s are only offered through an IFA distribution network possibly the most critical element is your choice of Financial Advisor – this can impact either very positively or very negatively on whether the bond is right for your particular circumstances and gives you the return you desire.

Would you like to stem the losses? Prefer wealth creation rather than wealth preservation, or worse still wealth reduction!?

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