Risk Warnings

All investment products carry risks. Please bear in mind the following general risks involved when investing through this website.

Your personal decision to invest.
A decision to invest in a company is a personal decision by you and responsibility for the consequences of that decision is not accepted by either Highgrove Consulting Ltd. or by any of its partners, directors, agents, employees, or other members. To invest through this website, you need to understand the following important risks:

1. You are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
This platform is for making investments. Investments are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

2. Loss of Investment
Investments, whether in new or existing businesses, carry high risks as well as the possibility of high rewards. Accordingly, each investor should consider very carefully whether such investments are suitable in the light of their own personal circumstances, commitments, and available financial resources. Engaging in any investment activity may expose you to a significant risk of losing all your investment. If a company fails, it is likely that you may lose all, or part, of your initial investment and receive no outstanding or future interest payments. In such circumstances neither the company nor Highgrove Consulting Ltd. will pay you back your investment.

Most of the companies in which Highgrove Consulting Ltd. invest are new companies with limited if any track record. These companies will provide information such as their business plan and financial forecasts.

Please be warned that these documents are not guarantees that the relevant company can achieve what it is hoping to do. Equally the information provided may state certain facts and statements, and again please be warned that Highgrove Consulting Ltd. are not responsible for checking the accuracy of these facts and statements and cannot always prove them to be true or complete.

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