Take Advantage Of UK Brownfield Land For Sale Now

In the bid to solve the home shortage problem in the UK, government needs to provide over 3 million homes between now and 2030 to avoid an imminent accommodation crisis. As a first step towards the solution to this problem, UK government put out brownfield land for home development.

To handle this big project, Highgrove, an experienced team of housing experts with a proven track record, was appointed. So, all prospective investors in this project will go through Highgrove.

All investors are being invited for this big lucrative investment opportunity. Why not give it a shot too? Here are the reasons this is about the best money making opportunity for any serious investor.

Foreign investors are welcome

For foreign investors who may be interested, they are eligible to invest. They are welcome. Being a foreigner does not disqualify any prospective investor.

Non-resident investors are invited

For non-resident investors, they are also invited. If foreigners are allowed to invest, why should non-residence disqualify any investor?

The profit of the investment is tax free

You may be thinking about the high tax rate in the UK. Is that why you are skeptical about the project? Well, you are right about the tax rate in the UK being on the high side. However, it is not applicable to this investment as your profit on this project is totally tax free.

Brownfield sites are being sourced and managed by a competent team

You don’t have to bother about the competence of the team in charge. UK government will never allow a yet-to-be-proven team to handle a project of this magnitude. Highgrove Consulting is in charge and they have been handling such projects for years. They are highly experienced.

It offers good ROI

The purpose of every investment is good returns. So, if you are thinking of what to expect on this investment, it is between 20 and 25 percent per annum. The rate is impressive, isn’t it? What makes it even better is the fact that you won’t pay any tax on it? How many investments will give you such returns on your money let alone being tax free?

It is has little or no risk

As an investor, having heard of the expected returns, the next thing that comes to your mind is the level of risk involved. Yes, investments with higher returns also come with higher risks. Fortunately, this project breaks the rule. It offers high returns without risk.

The project is being managed by a team of experts with the support of UK government. The acute shortage of homes in the UK will make it almost impossible for any planning to be rejected. People are already waiting to rent the yet-to-be-built homes. So, where is the risk here? It is virtually riskless.

If the investment opportunity makes sense to you or you need more information on it, contact Highgrove Consulting.

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