Taking Advantage Of The UK Brownfield Investment

Housing in the UK is at an all time low. This is the first time this will be happening since 1924. More houses have to be built for the ever teeming population in the UK. These houses should not only be available for the population, they should also be affordable. So the question is, how can q person take advantage of this housing deficit and turn it into a gold mine investment t? The answer lies in the UK brownfields.

Brownfields are previously developed building sites that have become derelict, underused or contaminated. Brownfield though used previously can still be used for a lot of development, for example, housing, after successfully decontaminated. A plan will then be drawn for the development of such brownfield. As a site for development, brownfield can be developed straight away as it has previously been developed. Also, unlike greenfield agricultural lands that are subject to more stringent restrictions on development, the restrictions o brownfield are not as stringent. On February 7, 2017, the UK government made an adjustment to its law on brownfield development for housing purposes. This makes it easier for planning to be approved and appeals to be won.

The question now is how can you take advantage of this brownfield opportunity? You can purchase a part of these brownfields that have been previously surveyed and found to have a high potential of yielding profits and meeting the building requirement set out by the council. You can buy shares of the brownfields and be part of a group of private investors that have pooled their resources to purchase such brownfields. The land is then held by a company that appoints auditors and planners. After the necessary processes have been carried out, the lands will be sold to the final developers. The profit from the sale will then be shared among shareholders according to their investment percentage. This investment promises 25% interest on investment per year.

The UK topped the chart of the most preferred site for housing investors. This means that despite the Brexit, the UK is still appealing for foreign investors looking to invest in housing. Another positive is the fact that the pounds have dropped against other foreign currencies, meaning that these investors can enter the market at low cost. The fact that the government has made it easier for planning to be done on brownfield sites also means that development can be done quickly. Most local councils have already set housing targets for their communities. Some have set the housing target as high as 30,000 homes per year, this is another advantage for brownfields.

Considering the return on investment per year, the rising need for housing, and the rush of foreign housing investors to the UK, this will be a valuable investment for you. For more inquiries, you can contact highgroveconsulting.com

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