There Is Good Investment In UK Real Estate

Are you an investor who is interested in high yield investments? There is an opportunity to make good investments in UK real estate now. You may be aware that there is serious shortage of homes in the UK. This is what you are cashing in on. UK has begun a mass home building exercise. About 3 million homes have to be built by 2030.

Still wondering how to come in? To bridge the gap between investors and developers, a company has taken it upon themselves to source Brownfield sites on which homes will be built. The company needs funds to source as many Brownfield sites as possible and to also get planning permission for them.

Once planning permission is secured, the value of the Brownfield sites will shoot up and they will be sold to developers and earn their profit. This is where you come in. When the pieces of land are sold, the profit is shared among the investors. It is as simple as that.

You can still invest in it if you are not resident in the UK. It makes it even better. Your profit on this investment will be tax free. This is government’s way of attracting investors to the homebuilding project. According to the highly experienced team managing this project, you will earn about 20 to 25 percent on your investment. Isn’t earning a tax free 25 percent ROI impressive?

Every business comes with certain percentage of risks. However, this investment is an exception to the rule. It has little or no risk. Here is why. Due to the shortage of homes in the UK, no home planning is rejected at this period. Apart from that, planning approvals are now faster. Developers are already waiting to buy off those sites after their planning has been approved. They are ready to start building. Some Brownfield sites have already been sold off.

Developers are ready to build as many homes as possible to meet demand. The company that is handling it has a proven track record of excellence, transparency, honesty and integrity. You can always count on them. They already have a list of investors that can testify. Once a land is sold off, profits are shared. You will get your share of profit and your capital.

Think about this:

• The investment has no risk

• You will get a 25 percent ROI

• Your profit is tax free

How many investments offer such ROI without high risk? How many investments offer that amount of profit that will be tax free? This is an opportunity for you to make a fortune just like some investors have been making already.

Would you rather leave your money in banks where the interest on it is next to nothing? If any of these makes sense to you, you can contact Highgrove Consulting for more information.

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