Top 5 Regeneration Areas In The UK

Recently, a thorough survey was carried out across the UK on the nature of brownfield landscape that has been neglected over the years. During the survey, it was estimated that there are about sixty thousand hectares of neglected land that are available for the complete regeneration. Over the years, quite some land regeneration schemes or urban regeneration efforts have been put in place basically for the promotion and redevelopment of these underused land. For instance, between the year 1998 to 2008, about 79% of the new houses were built on such lands across the UK.

Five Regeneration Areas In The UK

The following is a list of some of the regeneration areas in the UK:

1. West Leeds, West Yorkshire

In the UK, one of the areas that have been selected for regeneration is the West Leeds landscape. The West Leeds area will experience a serious process of rejuvenation in the coming years. Once it has been done a healthy, successful, comfortable, and sustainable community will be achieved.

2. New Islington, Manchester

New Islington has been chosen as an area in the UK that will experience a great process of transformation in the future. This area is an excellent site for architecture and community building as well as public or private partnerships. Urban planning can be carried out efficiently. The New Islington area has lots of amazing features that make it outstanding. For instance, there is easy access to the center of the city in this area. Also, there are plans to make an eco-park in this area in the future. This eco-park will make this area a great and comfortable place to live. Shortly, the Manchester tram line will also be extended to this area.

3. Kensington, Liverpool

Kensington is one of the regeneration areas in the United Kingdom. The city center area of Kensington is rich in the culture and history making is among one of the most amazing cities in the UK. Owing to the recent achievements that have transformed the neighborhood, the area has been attracting attention from different people.

4. Selly Oak In South-West Of Birmingham

This area has been known to be highly problematic in the past few years. Most of its problems were caused as a result of the road expansion scheme. Thus, with existing re-development project of the area, the city has begun to flourish into one of the most fantastic areas to reside in the United Kingdom.

5. Chatham, Kent

In recent years, a rigorous effort has been carried out to rejuvenate vast areas of Chatham. These efforts were made primarily to modernize the city, provide job opportunities and improvise means by which the town can expand in all ramifications.

In conclusion, owing to the recent development in the UK, some of the areas that have been abandoned in the past have undergone the process of regeneration. Other places have been selected for the same purpose.

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