UK Brownfield Locations

A Brownfield in the United Kingdom is a formerly developed land site that shows potential for redevelopment and re-purposing. The Northern Powerhouse and inner cities in all major cities in Great Britain fit the definition. The governmental program has been active for the last 10 years.

Top U. K. Brownfield locations include Newcastle, Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, and Sheffield in the Northern Powerhouse. Extensive work has been done to provide infrastructure, educational opportunity, and cultural attractions. Foreign investment has been attained for the programs. Target markets include university housing and reconstructing of inner cities.

The main thrust for this development is the lack of affordable housing in the United Kingdom. Immigration and population growth have produced a housing shortage. This is a phenomenal real estate investment opportunity.

Every Brownfield property is not ideal for investment. The most important concept in the investment in Brownfield properties is marketability of the land. A property that can attract a large number of buyers can sell in a short period of time and produce a rapid return on investment for investors. Returns are as high as 25 percent per year.

The company that can spot the best properties takes advantage of local expertise, in house knowledge of the market, and uses recent changes in planning application approval laws to make money for their investors.

Local expertise is essential. Local people have connections with local government that have been established over time. These relationships help smooth some of the paths and eliminate the maneuvering that any real estate transaction involves. Local trust is a valuable tender in finding all the details about a property that could be hidden.

Local government is more than willing to work with a buyer and an investment group to make the transfer of a Brownfield property happen as rapidly and as smoothly as possible. Governments see their cities coming back to life and see new tax revenue.

Management expertise and market savvy that controls the process are essential. The investor must have complete confidence that the company they trust their money with can pull off the transaction and deliver on the returns that they promise. Creating a legal vehicle that protects the investor from any of the legal and financial entanglements of ownership is essential.

Using the changes in housing laws that were designed to benefit government to create a legal and enormously profitable real estate opportunity in the United Kingdom requires astute planning.

The Brownfield concept works because it is necessary. Land has always been a safe investment. No other investment can produce the level of return that Brownfield real estate can provide. Brownfield programs are beneficial for cities, citizens, and the United Kingdom.

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