UK Land Investment

The opportunity to make money in U. K. land investment has recently developed a realistic potential. The possibility had been growing for a long time. The economy, population growth, and the steady decline of some parts of cities have made a real opportunity for investors.

The idea is called Brownfield. The concept is to take areas of the inner city that have been totally abandoned and make these areas livable again. Other potentials for inner city properties include restructuring for higher occupation rates with better utilities and facilities. The same is true for Brownfield sites that were once industrial properties that may have some environmental issues.

This may sound like charity work but it is far from it. No charity can produce a profit of 25 percent per year with the promise of the same performance year after year.

The Government of the United Kingdom got behind this concept in a big way in February of 2017. Both Houses of Parliament changed the Housing Bill to make the conversion of Brownfield properties faster and simpler. The government encourages cities, agents, and investors to be a part of this renovation.

The government is interested in providing reasonably priced housing for the hundreds of thousands of people in the U. K. who cannot afford a home. Statistics have shown that population has far outstripped the growth in new housing.

The simplistic basis of this new form of U. K. land investment is that the investor really does not own the property. This means that the investor and the organization that represents the investor do not incur any of the enormous costs of buying, maintaining, and managing a property. The investors do not pay any of the usual land and property ownership taxes.

The concept is designed to maximize the return on an investment in as short a time frame as possible. This is done by careful planning and timely execution. All environmental concerns are examined prior to any acquisition so investors are protected.

Local expertise is a key to the success of this proposition. Local experts seek out properties that have the highest potential for sale. The new regulations make local government eager to make the paperwork happen. The local agents often have a buyer who is willing to do the construction and refurbishment ready to buy the property once they have acquired it.

Each investor contributes a defined amount of money into a U. K. holding company. The holding company does all of the work of employing survey experts, architectural experts, sales agents, and negotiators with local governments and buyers. The investors receive a return that is proportional to their investment.

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