Why You Should Consider Greenfield Investment Opportunity

There are Greenfield investment opportunities in the UK and it is managed by Highgrove Consulting. If you follow news about the UK regularly you would have heard that there is shortage of homes in the UK and about 3 million new homes have to be developed before 2030.

This is what brought about this investment opportunity. Interested investors should go through Highgrove Consulting because they are in charge of the project. They are experts in the field. They have been handling such projects for years. They already have a lot of Greenfield sites for the project.

To attract foreign investors, the profits of this investment will be tax free. All your profit will be yours. However, your investment is required to source more Greenfield sites and to get planning permission for them. Once that is done, homebuilders will buy them off at a much higher price and this is where investors’ return will come from.

One thing that makes this investment less risky is the fact that the dire need for homes in the UK will make it difficult for planning to be rejected. In fact, according to Telegraph, about 10,000 homes built on Greenfield site will get automatic planning permission. So why not take advantage of the policy? This is one of government’s policies aimed at encouraging massive homebuilding.

The return on this investment should be about 20 to 25 percent per annum. Only a very few investments can yield this amount of interest within such a short period of time. The value of pound sterling is even lower than several foreign currencies and investors making use of any of the currencies with higher value will automatically enjoy lower entry cost.

Considering the ultralow interest banks pay on deposits, it is not a wise decision to just leave a huge sum of money in your account to waste away. With the UK Greenfield investment opportunity knocking at your door, you will be losing as much as 20 percent profit on every dime in your bank accounts.

Greenfield sites will even be more profitable than Brownfield sites because of some advantages. These sites have maximum flexibility as they have not been used for anything. Homebuilders will have little or no constraints designing the kind of homes they want on the land.

There is no demolition cost involved since they are pretty new sites and nothing has been built on them before. Most importantly, the project is handled by Highgrove Consulting, a team of experts that have been handling such projects in the UK for several years. They already have a proven track record.

The favorable circumstances surrounding this investment opportunity make it less risky. All you need is to invest and you won’t need to do anything. The team will handle every other aspect. They have highly experienced engineers, surveyors, architects…. etc. For more information contact Highgrove Consulting.

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