Why You Should Consider UK Property Investment Now

If you have ever thought of owning a property in the UK, this is the best time. UK government needs you now. There are several reasons to invest in the UK property now. There may not be a better time. Please consider the reasons below and make your decisions

Home shortage

Right now there is a serious shortage of homes in the UK and the population still keeps increasing. The rate at which the population increases in the UK is faster than the rate at which new homes are built. So, government needs to take a serious action to reverse the trend or it will lead to a major accommodation crisis. In response to the problem, government has ordered that brownfield sites should be developed into homes and people who are ready to invest in the project should be invited.

About 3 million homes are needed

To underscore how bad the situation is, the number of homes in the UK should increase by about 3 million by 2030 to solve the housing problem. So, government has been adopting different policies to facilitate this. One of them is the call for investors. This makes it a low risk investment for you. Technically, tenants are already waiting for your yet-to-be built home.

Drastic reduction in rejection of planning

Right now, government has relaxed all its property investment policies just to encourage investors. Once you submit a home planning, it is not likely that it will be rejected now. Instead, you will get all the necessary encouragements and support.

Right now, you don’t even have to be a UK resident for you to invest there. Not only that, profit on the investment will be task free for non-residents. What else can you possibly ask for? This is a once-in-lifetime investment opportunity. Smart investors have already begun to cash in on the situation

Low interest on bank deposit

As an investor, your aim is to invest in a business with higher returns within a shorter period of time. No investment fits the description better than the mass UK property investment opportunities that are staring at you now.

This is not the best time to leave your funds to lie fallow in the bank. Banks all over the world now offer negligible interest on deposits. So, why will you just leave your money there when you can invest it elsewhere and get great returns?

Low value of pound sterling

Right now the value of pound to some foreign currencies is very low. This lowers the cost of investment for international investors that deals in any of the higher foreign currencies.

Relatively higher ROI

When you invest in UK properties, your return on investment should be between 20 to 25 percent per annum. How many investments offer such huge profit? Isn’t this better than tying your money down in the bank? Think twice and make a move now. For more information contact Highgrove Consulting

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