Why You Should Consider UK Real Estate Investment

This is obviously the best time for investors in and outside the UK to invest in UK real estate. The dream of every investor is to invest in a business that has high ROI and the returns come in a relatively shorter time frame. Such investment opportunities are available in the UK now.

It is no longer news that the United Kingdom is facing a serious shortage of homes. As it is, the number of homes in the UK is not enough for the population in it. To make matters worse, the population is still increasing. The situation is headed for a major crisis if the trend is not reversed quickly.

To turn things around, more than 3 million new homes have to see the light of day latest by 2030. So, UK government has now ordered that brownfield sites should be developed into as many homes as possible. This is where you come in as an investor. You can invest in massive this home building project and make a killing.

Considering the situation on ground, it is not likely that any planning will be rejected. UK government has already thrown its weight behind all home building projects. You will get all the necessary support and cooperation to build as many homes as possible.

This opportunity is better than most home building projects where it will take months if not years to get buyers or tenants for your home. Having a serious shortage of homes in the UK means tenants are already waiting for the yet-to-be-built homes.

You don’t reside in the UK? No problem. You are still eligible to invest in UK real estate. Here is the deal for non-resident investors. Your profit on this project is completely tax free! Can you beat that? How many investments will yield a tax free profit of about 20 to 25 percent per annum? This is exactly what you stand to miss if you don’t invest in this project.

Not being a citizen does not disqualify you. Foreign investors are eligible to invest too. In fact foreign investors are at an advantage. This is because the value of pound sterling is lower than the current value of some foreign currencies. If your currency happens to be among such currencies, it lowers the cost of investment for you.

This offer is available at a time when banks all over the world offer ridiculously low interest on bank deposits. In fact, the only reason people leave their money in the bank now is for safety and no longer for profit. As long as this investment is still available, you are losing at least 20 percent profit on every dime you have in the bank.

This kind of investment opportunities comes once in a long while. If you cash in now, you will enjoy the benefits for so many years to come. The time to act is now. For more information contact Highgrove Consulting.

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