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Who we are

Founded in 2001, Highgrove Consulting Ltd was established to provide value, returns and service to the investment arena. The directors’ extensive background in the investment world in both property and asset management cover a total of over 50 years.

Highgrove Consulting Ltd offers a unique service to our vast network of international property investors delivering to them access to direct land investment, acquisition and development in both the residential and commercial property sector. Definitive annual returns from established UK developers through the form of a loan note is also one of the many services offered by Highgrove Consulting Ltd.

Highgrove Consulting Ltd introduces opportunities robust enough to meet the demands of the modern investment market and have developed a premium portfolio of high-quality assets, presenting strong investment opportunities for its investors.

We are dedicated to working with the very best people and companies in their field. Our strategy will ensure our products offer investors access to high-quality property opportunities and attractive investment returns.

The members of the group have participated in the development and delivery of numerous financial and property-based investments, in both retail and commercial property throughout the UK. Our team provides access to high-quality property investments created in partnership with some of the leading companies around the world. Each opportunity is hand-picked, with high yields and strong investor security as the building blocks.

What we do

Highgrove Consulting is a one stop ‘UK property investment specialist’.

We can present to our client’s various property investment opportunities that range from the issue of private placement UK property loan notes, offering a fixed rate of return across a fixed term of investment with returns much higher than current bank deposit rates.


An option on a joint venture partnership in UK land development opportunities where profits are split according to financial participation is also available.

We can offer off plan properties in student accommodation, care home or in the private rental sector refurbishment opportunities, where value is added through extension or refurbishment and crystallised as profits. Land planning opportunities where returns to investors are made through gaining planning permission on UK brownfield or allocated land sites are also accessible.

At Highgrove we believe & practice that property should be included as the foundation to a modern investment portfolio, this model has been used by the ‘ultra-high net worth’ & ‘family offices’ for decades.

Each opportunity has its own merits and cater to various client expectations, we are happy to discuss how these may be suitable for your investment strategy.

It is said that the 3 most important rules of real-estate are 1. location, 2. location & 3. Location. We of course agree with that, but the structure that you buy through is also important, as is the reason you are buying and what it is that you hope to achieve within your time frame.

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