Current Opportunities

Fixed Interest Returns

Interest can be taken and paid out quarterly suiting investors that are seeking income, other payment options are by way of annual payments.

In all options offered the rates of return is far greater than that offered by the leading high street banks for cash deposits. Security is offered by way of corporate guarantee & backed up by existing property assets already held by each developer.

Highgrove provide access to various quality developers, each masters in their chosen sector of development who offer fixed return & term options.

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Land Planning Gain & Development

Land significantly increases in value once planning permission is gained and through Highgrove, it is now possible for you to invest in the planning gain process.

We work with specialists who secure brownfield or allocated land specifically for planning gain before selling to developers & institutional buyers often in the build-to-rent sector.

Join smart investors and share profits made by gaining planning permission through UK land opportunities or developing UK land sites once planning is granted.

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No projects currently.

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